Over the past few days a video has gone viral. A man named Chris Morgan, who’s all of 4’11” or 5’0″ tall is having a meltdown in a bagel shop. He’s complaining that women won’t date him because of his height. It’s obviously true. Women do care about height. My mother once told me that […]

I mean seriously.  Do they think we’re all stupid enough to believe their act? Only real difference is that compared to Blankfein, Hyman Roth was a small time gangster. Also, I doubt being on Bernie’s list is quite as dangerous as being on Michael Corleone’s. Oddly enough, like his hero FDR, Bernie is probably the […]

The Sackler family, who made their fortune off of Oxycontin, which is probably the major reason the life expectancy for middle-aged working-class white people has dramatically fallen over the past decade, are almost a perfect example of how the ruling class sees the world. As long as they get their kids into the right schools they […]

Now his campaign has made it official That is why I am proud to announce the modern-day oligarchs who oppose our movement. In the words of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt: “They are unanimous in their hate for me–and I welcome their hatred.” We will overcome their greed and create an economy and a government that […]

I don’t watch television anymore, but yesterday it was hard to miss the clips of right wing  TV commentator Tucker Carlson ranting about Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar and the supposed danger she poses to ‘real Americans” that were circulating on the Internet. “Maybe we are importing people from places whose values are simply antithetical to […]

-Yes, I, a grown ass man, have gotten hooked on watching various iterations of the Canadian media juggernaut Degrassi. And I took notes. These are not all of them.

While I am horrified by the current political situation, I am proud that my participation in Occupy Wall Street, alongside the participation of tens of thousands of other people across the country, has led the emergence of Democratic candidates at all levels of government willing to fight this.   The moments being singled out as […]

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Growing up in a post-war cookie-cutter housing development so typical of 1970’s suburban New Jersey, I would often “garbage-pick” old bicycles, or parts thereof, and construct functioning machines that while not quite as aesthetic as my friends’ new Schwinn Stingrays or Orange Krates, nonetheless afforded me my single most important means…

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The unsealing of an application for a search warrant by the federal government on 8chan’s servers has unintentionally revealed that a federal agent has been trolling the site and attempting to redirect the users’ conspiracy theories against the Russian government instead of the CIA or Mossad. The legal case…

Ever since the Sandy Hook Massacre I’ve followed mass shootings in the news with a mixture of three emotions: horror, disgust, and relief. The horror needs no explanation. The disgust I feel is about the Second Amendment and gun fetishists who always seem more concerned about “muh guns and muh freedom” than about the victims, […]