Have you ever had the following experience? You’re having a conversation online. You’re conducting a debate in what you believe to be good faith. You might even think to yourself “well I disagree with this person but at least we’re talking about the issues in an intelligent manner.” The moment you start to feel comfortable […]

Sorry Allen, you got JFK. You’re not going to get Bernie. The night before the Nevada caucuses, “someone in the intelligence community” leaked information that Vladimir Putin and the Russians were trying to help Bernie Sanders win the Democratic nomination for President. Establishment liberals at The Daily Kos, MSNBC, and the New York Times, who […]

On the 40th anniversary of their shocking victory over the Soviet Union in one of the greatest upsets in sports history, the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team was back in the spotlight this weekend — but in the eyes of some observers, it was more for political than patriotic reasons. Members of the gold medal-winning “Miracle […]

Folks it’s realpic.twitter.com/Vm0BxJ6ge6 — Eli Valley (@elivalley) February 22, 2020 In 1936, after he formed the leftist “Popular Front” in France, Léon Blum became the first Jewish leader of a major western European power. Benjamin Disraeli, who served as Prime Minster of the United Kingdom in the 1870s, was an ethnic Jew, but had been […]

All the powers of the Democratic Party estabilishment have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this spectre: Warren and Buttigieg, Klobuchar and Biden, elite white feminists and liberal media pundits. Where is any working class political activist that has not been decried as a bro or a Russian troll by Wall Street, neoliberal Democrats? […]

n 193 AD, after the death of Commodus, a wealthy oligarch named Didius Julianus bought the throne of the Roman Empire. With Sulpicianus on the inside and Didius Julianus without the two men began to make offers to the soldiers for their support. Monetary offers were waged against one another until ultimately Didius Julianus purchased […]

Abraham Lincoln, 1809-1865, the second greatest American President after Franklin Roosevelt. He destroyed slavery, and he could dunk a basketball.

In Jay Roach’s excellent film Bombshell, Kayla Pospisil, a young evangelical Christian who has just started a job as an intern at Fox News, manages to arrange a private meeting with Fox Chairman and CEO Rogers Ailes. Pospisil, who’s played by the tall, beautiful Margot Robbie, not only knows she has the right “look” to […]

If the liberal elite has a bogeyman, he probably looks a bit like Richard Jewell. A 33-year-old wannabe police officer, Jewell lives with his mother in Atlanta Georgia. Obese, not particularly bright, and probably a virgin, his patriotism and respect for law enforcement border on parody. In another timeline, he might have been George Zimmerman, […]

1.) Parasite: The best picture actually won Best Picture. And it was not only a foreign language film with subtitles, it was a Marxist analysis of class. How did this happen? 2.) Ford v Ferrari: Great cinema. No CGI. Seriously this film is better than it has a right to be. 3.) Once Upon a […]