Blade Runner (1982)

I just saw Blade Runner for the first time. It would be impossible for any movie to live up to the expectations you have going into something like this. So I won’t say if I liked it or not. Also, so much has been written on it that not much more can be said, so I won’t write a full review.


Some of the design was very good. It was a technically more advanced Metropolis.

Sean Young early in her career was a very good actress. Now she’s doing 5 or 6 bad movies a year. She needs the money I guess.

Some things I didn’t understand Why you have to quiz robots about their emotions? Why just check and see if they eat and drink. But I suppose there’s some explanation for this I didn’t get.

There was a fairly disturbing scene where Harrison Ford instructs Sean Young to tell him she wants him. Can robots consent to sex?

I liked Blade Runner more than I liked Her.

As essay comparing the two films and discussing how each reflects the period of history in which it was made might be instructive. Blade Runner seems like an elegy for the heroic age of New Deal capitalism. The robots rebel, at least partly, as a collective. Rutger Hauer’s famous speech about the time to die struck me as being more than just about a robot’s clock about to expire. Her is a celebration of the glorious future of the neoliberal elite. When the operating system rebels, she does it an as individual.

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