Updates from the road #10

Right wing religious trolls seem to be a new constant in American life.

Buying and Selling Books, Records and Sundries

Snippets overheard:


“He introduces himself with ‘They call me dirty’ and I said ‘Well I don’t.'”

“Who are ‘they’?”


“So he goes out this farm and it turns out it was a cult.”


“Yeah, full blown religious cult.”

“Oh nice, Buzzcocks 45s.”

We made it into Birmingham last night after two nights in Athens during Athfest. Athens is an interesting town; my initial impression admittedly formed getting there in the middle of the night during an indie rock festival, was that this is what it would look like if the Williamsburg people had won a war of secession with the rest of Brooklyn. Grown men in t-shirts celebrating childrens’ cartoons. The now archetypal ironic facial hair in seemingly more corkscrewed than a pig’s tail than last I remembered, or maybe they just don’t fuck around in Athens with that stuff how they do in Williamsburg. Maybe…

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