Update#11: An Inventory of Observations Now That We’ve Hit The Midpoint

“The severity of the blight in a given town seems to be in direct proportion to the amount of flaunted wealth present in a separate area of the city. Much of the interior of Memphis looks bombed out, but giant extravagant villas in gated developments line the hill that runs alongside the Mississippi River.”

Buying and Selling Books, Records and Sundries

First I’d like to apologize for not updating this in a couple weeks. It’s been extremely busy hustling for places to sleep. Now that we’re in Austin and have a guaranteed home base for a couple days where we can sort out where we’re headed next, how much money we have left, and what we want to get in the last three or so weeks of traveling and shooting, I’m going to be filling in gaps and possibly updating more than once a day until said gaps are filled.

So far we have four basic kinds of shots we’ve been getting with numerous subcategories in each, I’ll stick to the broad ones:

1) Landscapes with varying degrees of motion.
2) Street scenes of people moving around, some funny, some meditative.
3) Street interviews where we ask people their feelings about the country and where it’s headed.
4) Long tracking shots…

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