Not An American

I’m fairly sure Rudy Giuliani would enjoy my novel “Not An American.” He might even see himself in one or two of the villains.

Writers Without Money

not-an-americanSo why should you read a self-published novel by a writer you’ve never heard of? Why should you get to know over a dozen characters, learn the history of an imaginary city, and follow the twists and turns of a complex plot over the course of 140,000 words? It won’t make you smarter, get you laid, or teach you how to be a better person. Why is it worth your time?

Not an American is written for the general reader. The plot is complex but straight-forward. There are no unreliable narrators. I go out of my way to make everything as clear as possible, but it’s a still a 140,000 world novel, not a short story or a blog entry. It would still be 14 hours long if I recorded it as an audiobook. It still takes about as much time and effort as it would take to read Tale…

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