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The New Babylon (1929)

I do not know if it was raining in Paris on the night of May 28th, 1871. In the New Babylon, Soviet director Grigori Kozintsev has so convincingly staged the mass executions that took place at the Mur des Fédérés in Père Lachaise Cemetery on the final day of the Paris Commune that I will […]

Pictures of America With Captions: A Photo Essay, Part One

(First of a several part photo essay based on the shooting of Plain Songs by Daniel Levine with Brian Spellman. Enjoy.)  

Notes on Film Revolts

Film moments re: revolt #1: The moment in Renoir’s “Boudu Saved From Drowning” when the titular Boudu is finally readied for the terminal acclimation to bobo aesthetics, almost arranged marriage, and place in monied society nearly all romantic comedies gravitate toward with the sort of single minded doomed determinism that makes something like Melville’s “Le […]

Notes Relating to Herman Melville I Wrote On a Napkin

“Herman Melville’s “The Confidence Man”: It’s all set on a merchant ship (Melville loves his boats) and in one part two middle class men see a wretched looking black man who is both crippled and lame dancing to get people to throw coins at him so he can catch them in his mouth. One of […]