[Pre- Face: Pre-Ferred Pro-Nouns And The In-Vocation Of The Muse

King Of,
You must know that your cat laid
Down across the chessboard today,
And yawned stupidly in the alley
Which always stretches across
The squares and between the pawns
In an unbegun game. Your
Cat’s fur barely brushed the black
Or the white of either
Miniature army, and so unbegun,
It stayed.

King Of,
You must know that since the days
When They would walk carefully across butter,
Watch color TV, and drink
Chocolate milk slowly,
The ground has not frozen and shovels
At home still resurface with warm, old earth,
So much so, that some of the angels
Have taken to sifting and studying sediment,
Such yearning have they for the soil.

King Of,
You must know that Your
Children are sprawled on their bellies.
That They have stretched their bodies
Far and thin across the landscape, that
They have]

Majesty, face Them.
All of Them.

-This is a guest post by Olivia Holguin. Olivia Holguín is 17, which rhymes. She Instagrams fervently @mightyolivia.

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