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On the Sharing Economy

The rise of what has been called, inaccurately, “the sharing economy” presents a number of problems for how we conceive of eventual worker liberation and the establishment of a more sane and equitable society. It requires the nationalization of platforms more than industries. The psychological model of “platform” based work relies on the schizophrenic split […]

Look Out, Haskell, It’s Real: The Making of ‘Medium Cool’ (2001)

It’s interesting to wonder how 1968 would have played out in the age of social media. It began with the Tet Offensive on January 30th. In the Spring, there was the assassination of not only one, but two progressive leaders of national stature, Martin Luther King on April 4, and Robert Kennedy on June 6. […]


my bones fly out around me, disheveled, pricked by wind, in pain, and I stand back unshocked. I read of it in mystic reports, gossip columns well-known not for veracity, but for imagination and an odd sense of familiarity.   I have not met my limbs, but am told of them by unreliable, unquestionable agents […]

The Big Short (2015)

(Spoiler Alert: The bankers who almost destroy the world economy in 2008 are eventually bailed out by the Bush and Obama administrations, and get multi-million-dollar bonuses instead of prison sentences. The United States is now a police state on the verge of electing either a grandstanding racist millionaire or a corrupt Wall Street Democrat as […]

in the swimming pool

i remember in the swimming pool, feeling my erection press against her twelve-year-old body. she wanted me to hold her and carry her. i was small and weak but the water made it easy. so i pulled her lithe and bony limbs closer, cat eyes blinking, flat moonpale chest slippery and dappled in the summer […]

The Long Black Clown Car

Though the major events of his life had occurred in Los Angeles and Manhattan the funeral was held in the small backwater where he’d spent the final years of his life painting and repainting the walls of his wife’s house different shades of green. No indications were left whether he’d found the desired shade. The […]

The Dialectic of Nostalgia and Irony

In putting together a dialectical analysis, casting the roles of thesis and antithesis is perhaps the single most important action taken. The rest just sort of follows; the dialectic being a template to overlay on phenomena to tease out the shapes of their interaction in the larger world; where they’re headed, and what will replace […]

Watching Footage of the Vietnam War

Soundtrack:  “Beach Baby” by The First Class Dad went east on ROTC, August 1964, Left behind Greenwich Village folklife and a dissertation on Pound’s war broadcasts. His back is streaked still with shrapnel and burns that show when he’s bent all summer digging in the garden. Upstate, 2003, a breeze smacks the door open. He […]

The Force Awakens (2015): The Prison House of Nostalgia in the Age of the Reboot

I bought a ticket to The Force Awakens because I didn’t want to feel left out. Since everybody was going to be talking about it, I decided, I had better go see it. I also made a point of getting to the movie theater on time. While it meant sitting through 40 minutes of previews, […]


Spacecase cased space for time just in case there was placed Spacecases place in places in space on paths untraced by other mortal hands and eyes. Longitudinal and lateral symmetry that as much as Spacecase tries can’t be traced through space by eyes. Tired, tired, burning bright like twice burning candles in the night. What […]