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Autumn in the Heavenly Kingdom (2012)

For an ignorant American like me, to begin the study of Chinese history is a bit like going back to the Age of Exploration. There are entire continents yet to be discovered. There are ethnic groups, nations, and monarchical dynasties every bit as complex and varied as the Normans, the Saxons, England, France, the Stuarts […]


(Pact was originally staged by the New Theatre in Miami as part of the Miami 1-Acts Festival.)

On Doxing and Anonymity

I have always found that the most effective way to stay anonymous on social media is to be completely open about who you are. That way people will assume you want their attention, and make a point of ignoring you. “Be as invisible as a homeless man on Wall Street,” the Ku Fu master once […]

December 2015

the elm are naked with anticipation, they have stopped shaking and everyone is indoors. there is not much to say these days, and we are getting nostalgic. something approaches. in the street the bodies of lovers pass, saying nothing.

The Psychology of Distributed Fascism

A similar question makes itself present in almost all junctures and lines of human questioning and refuses to come to neat resolution. This is the recursion problem, the point at which a dam must be artificially erected in order to continue the act of rationalist reasoning. It has many names with slightly different connotations that […]

Letter from NY to her, the unbeliever in California

The broken Vs of the too-late geese leave space for the gone ones which would have blackened the sky. This is the season of flight. I did go to California, you know. More than once I walked on warm dirt, up firm mountains which were neither Greek nor tragic but were blessed with enough rain […]

Field of Dreams: The Oregon Militia “Occupation”

Half or two-thirds or three-quarters of the world could belong to such an organization, and yet you could still have an atomic war. I’m not saying the “Ban the Bomb” campaign would cause an atomic war, but there’s absolutely no proof it would prevent it. If you have people evil enough to lust for an […]

Some Thoughts on “The Implosion of Occupy Wall Street”

Alternet ran an article last week titled “What Really Caused the Implosion of the Occupy Movement: An Insider’s View“. Multiple people asked me to write up a response here. I already wrote a retrospective article for the site a couple months ago, which you can read here, but I do have some comments on this […]

Jesus of Montreal (1989)

I do not know if Jesus of Montreal is the best film about the life of Jesus ever made, but it’s the best one I’ve ever seen. If the 1989 film by Canadian filmmaker Denys Arcand is far superior, not only to Mel Gibson’s dreadful torture porn The Passion of the Christ, but also to […]