Why I won’t be voting for Donald Trump (even against Hillary Clinton)

Marco Rubio was supposed to have been the Republican Barack Obama. A youthful-looking Cuban American from Florida, he would unite the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party with Mexican Americans and other Latinos. Once in office, he would govern exactly the way his sponsors in the big media and in the neoconservative elites told him. Sadly for the Republicans, Marco Rubio is no Barack Obama. Obama is a clever and charismatic public relations man. Rubio, as his lamentable exchange with New Jersey’s governor Chris Christie demonstrated, is an obvious puppet.

Ever since he began campaigning for President last Summer, bombastic reality TV star, and racist, Donald Trump has run roughshod over the Republican Party elite and the neoconservative media. He has even disputed the wisdom of the invasion of Iraq and the long-cherished right-wing dogma that “Bush kept us safe on 9/11.” Hillary Clinton, his likely opponent, is a deeply corrupt, and largely soulless militarist. If we’ve had corrupt Presidential administrations before– Grant’s and Harding’s come to mind – Hillary Clinton will go down in history as the first American President who openly took bribes from Wall Street – and that’s what those $300,000 dollar speaking fees from Goldman Sachs are — even before she was elected. So why not vote for Donald Trump? If it was fun to watch him destroy the Republican Party’s answer to Barack Obama in the primaries, why not sit back and watch him destroy the Clintons, the Democratic Party’s answer to the Bush family, in November? What’s not to like?

Back in April of 2013, a viral video circulated on Facebook. Eighteen miles north of Waco Texas, a man who could accurately be described as a “dumb rube” was sitting in his car making a video of a fire at the West Fertilizer Company. The video is difficult to watch, especially after we realize the man’s daughter is sitting next to him. Both of them survive, but the ammonium nitrate explosion he caught on camera wound up killing 15 people and seriously injuring another 160. In theory, watching the equivalent of 7.5-10 tons of TNT explode sounds like fun. In reality, it’s like picking up a hammer and hitting yourself on the head until you get traumatic brain injury. The man with the video camera deserved a Darwin Award. His child didn’t.

Nobody really knows what a Trump Administration would look like. We do know that Donald Trump is the human equivalent of a 10 ton pile of fertilizer, set on fire by the financial crash of 2008, the ongoing Great Recession, and the neoliberal policies of the Obama Administration. I have to admit that I would enjoy watching Hillary Clinton get beat by Donald Trump. At long last it would drive the loathsome Clinton family out of politics for good. I can’t help but think, however, that I’m that man with the video camera sitting in his pickup truck watching a gigantic pile of horse shit going up in flames while my daughter desperately tugs on my sleeve begging me to leave. I’m unlikely to be targeted by a xenophobic White House, but the people who would be, blacks, Muslims, women, immigrants, and gays know that, in the end, I’ll be engulfed right along with them.

That’s why they’re begging the angry white working class just once not to act like dumb rubes.



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  2. Donald Trump is a fascinating wasp! He seriously needs courses in speaking and language. Does not have class and his diarrhea of the tongue is causing a bad stomach ach for the GOP. I don’t like to judge everyone in the party by one imbecile’s behavior. However, he does represent our masses and needs to grow up or get out.

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