Reading the Landscape: 1


According to information I could find online, this house was built in 1875, ten years after the end of the Civil War. Since it’s located in a rather valuable neighborhood, I suspect that sooner rather than later it will be replaced by a new house, probably a blue McMansion. For now, it’s holding on. Sadly I overexposed the bay window with the white lace curtains. It sets the character for the whole structure. I don’t know who lives here, but I like to imagine it’s an elderly woman, translucently white and as fragile as the ancient little house itself.

3 thoughts on “Reading the Landscape: 1”

  1. Few us us really care today about history. in fact we spend more trying to disprove it then enjoying it or even trying to understand it. Yes it would be great to try and help who ever is living there today, not because they are old but because they are enabling a piece of our history to be saved for a while longer for us to enjoy.

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