Reading the Landscape: 18



The local organic farm, a continuously operated, 112-year-old institution, a remnant of the agricultural past in the middle of suburbia, and a nearby house that was wrecked 4 years ago by Hurricane Sandy. I sometimes wonder whether or not it would be possible to transform some of the area’s abandoned houses, probably uninhabited since 2008, and stripped of most of their copper, into farming cooperatives like the one in King Vidor’s forgotten but great film Our Daily Bread. Any billionaires want to fund the project?


  1. I always wanted to demolish half my town growing up and make it into a farm.

    1. Farms trump condos

      1. Farming is definitely hard work though. My back and forearms are sore after milking goats this morning!

  2. Oh, if only I were a billionaire . . .

    1. I’ll have to lie and say it’s going to be for a charter school. Billionaires love those.

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