Did the CIA Use Gloria Steinem to Subvert the Feminist Movement?

I’ve always known that Gloria Steinem had been involved with the National Student Association, a CIA front group, as an undergraduate. But I never quite realized just how important her connection to the CIA had been to her career. I suppose her recent insinuation that younger female supporters of Bernie Sanders have become socialists just to meet guys — as if that’s a problem for women who aren’t socialists — demonstrates she’s still an establishment shill posing as a radical.

The Most Revolutionary Act

Co-opting Radical Feminism for Corporate Interests

While preeminent American feminist Gloria Steinem’s CIA background receives wide attention on the Internet, it’s a totally taboo topic in either the corporate or the so-called “alternative” media. Steinem’s work for the CIA front group Independent Research Service first entered the public domain  in 1967 when Ramparts magazine exposed both the Independent Research Service and the National Student Association as CIA front organizations.

Fearing unflattering publicity, Steinem gave interviews to both the New York Times and the Washington Post defending her CIA work (see video below). In both articles, she claims to have taken the initiative in contacting Cord Meyers, who headed the CIA’s International Organization Division and their top secret Operation Mockingbird.* Her goal, allegedly, was to seek CIA financing to encourage American participation in the seventh postwar (Soviet-sponsored) World Youth Festival in Vienna in 1959.

The article quotes her: “Far from being…

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6 thoughts on “Did the CIA Use Gloria Steinem to Subvert the Feminist Movement?”

  1. From the article you quoted:

    In the 1980’s, Steinem dated Henry Kissinger.

    She’s obviously CIA. And why would a supposed feminist date a known, even then I imagine, war criminal?

    1. I’m old enough to remember Kissinger being a weird sort of sex symbol. Everybody used to quote his observation that “power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.” So I guess I just assumed she was dating a celebrity.

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