Monthly Archives: June 2016

Reading the Landscape: 38

When nature comes to an end.

The Witch (2015)

What makes The Witch a very good, even a great film is the way director and screenwriter Robert Eggers not only dramatizes the destruction of a Puritan family in early New England, but that he takes their world view seriously. The people who founded the Salem, Plymouth, and the Massachusetts Bay Colonies in the early […]

Reading the Landscape: 37

This was once beautiful country.

Reading the Landscape: 36

There’s something about abandoned railroads that fascinates me. I can always imagine what it was like 50 years ago. I can see the ghosts of the commuters in their suits and ties with their briefcases going home to sip martinis in their John Cheever suburbs. Now they drive SUVs.

Reading the Landscape: 35

Don’t fear the reaper.

A Few Thoughts on Muhammad Ali

The first time I heard the name Muhammad Ali was on April 1, 1973 at exactly 7:30 AM. I was 8 years old. The night before, he had suffered his second loss as a professional to the now all but forgotten Ken Norton. Norton, who won a split decision at the San Diego Sports Arena […]

Reading the Landscape: 34

Somewhere on the road between Flemington and Lambertville, I begin to feel a longing for the past.

Reading the Landscape: 33

One nation under God.

Reading the Landscape: 32

Sometimes you think you can imagine how it all must have looked 200 years ago.  Then you realize the world was built in 1906.