The Unspoken Catastrophe of Obamacare

This was extremely informative. Not having children, and being in good health, I don’t make much use of the healthcare system, so some of these issues (the effectively two tiered system within Obamacare) had never even occurred to me.

Thoughts From my Kitchen

The Obama-era is nearly over. President Barack Obama was the first president I voted for with great enthusiasm and confidence. Eight years ago I’d argue that he came at the perfect time for me to vote for him, my political consciousness was developed and I had a candidate I can vote for which matched my political consciousness. In November of 2008, Obama was elected, the country was elated. It was a historic election, the first black president. He was going to bring great change to our country. In the euphoria of post election – some even forgot that we are in the deepest recession the country has ever seen since the Great Depression in the 1930s. The economy was something Obama can wave a magic wand and fix too.

His signature piece of legislation was of course Obamacare passed in 2010. It was to be his signature achievement in domestic…

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