Cycling New England: 12


The dream is dead.


  1. Ohne Führer, wie könnte man folgen? Wo würde man gehen? Wie würde man das auch entscheiden?……..without leaders, how could one follow? where would one go? how could one decide even that?

  2. (Paraphrased) counter-quote to Christopher Dutton above (I have no idea where it comes from, I heard it on “West Wing”): Our leaders today are all running after the crowd, yelling “tell me where you are going so that I may lead you!”

    1. Ah. I wish our “leaders” actually did listen to the people. In reality they only listen to their owners in the One Percent.

      1. Probably true – after the election. But the one percent doesn’t get them into office. To get there, they have to listen to the pollsters who are ostensibly listening to the people.

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