Congratulations President Fuckface Von Clownstick


Dear President Von Clownstick:

First things first. I didn’t vote for you. I’ve loathed you ever since my twenties, when you took out a full page ad in the New York Times calling for the execution of five innocent black teenagers for the rape and attempted murder of the Central Park jogger, a crime that they didn’t commit. You’re a racist and a bully. Your presidency is almost certainly going as bad for the United States as your supporter Chris Christie’s governorship has been for the great state of New Jersey, which wisely rejected you.

Nevertheless, my mood tonight isn’t one of fear and horror or even disgust, but one of schadenfreude. If nothing else, you accomplished what neither Barack Obama nor Bernie Sanders was able to do. You’ve flushed the Clinton crime family out of politics for good. My schadenfreude is not against Clinton’s rank and file Democratic supporters, mostly good people who were stampeded into backing probably the worst nominee the Democrats have put up since Michael Dukakis. It’s certainly not against Muslims, LGBT people, black people, immigrants, or women, people who are genuinely frightened at the prospect of your moving into the White House. My schadenfreude is against the neoliberal, Wall Street elites who thought they could ram another Clinton down our throats.

Unlike Barack Obama, neither your opponent Hillary Clinton, nor her closer advisors were even remotely competent. Obama was a good enough salesman to hawk an unpopular Wall Street bailout and a health care plan that benefited the insurance companies more than the American people. Hillary Clinton was not. Even worse, when Bernie Sanders ran as the progressive Barack Obama promised to be in 2008 , the Clinton crime family, the Washington establishment, and their enablers in the corrupt corporate media sabotaged his campaign. Where Hillary Clinton ran a racist campaign against Barack Obama in 2008, digging up an old tape of his pastor Jeremiah Wright, arguing that he didn’t appeal to “hard working white people,” and helping to promote the “birther” smear, she ran a race-baiting campaign against Bernie Sanders. First the Clinton people invented the “Bernie Bro” smear, implying that Sanders’s supporters were exclusively young, white, sexist men. They weren’t. Then they treated his female supporters, his black supporters, and his Latino supporters as if they didn’t exist. It was clear what the Clinton crime family was trying to do, to divide the working-class against itself, Generation X against Millennials, black against white, straight against gay, men against women. And it was rotten.

After Sanders conceded the race and endorsed Hillary Clinton for President, the Clinton people continued to punch to their left, ignoring the black and Latino working class and outright demonizing the white working class in order to cultivate “moderate,” country club Republicans in a few swing states, and members of the military industrial complex. Sadly but not surprisingly that including Bush-era war criminals like John Negroponte and Colin Powell. It was a strategy that failed almost as completely as their attempt to reach the White house by front-loading the primary process with victories in mostly southern states with tiny Democratic Parties, none of which she had had the slightest chance of wining in the general election. Bernie Sanders probably would have lost Alabama and Mississippi. He probably would have won New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Wisconsin, none of which Clinton could carry on election day.

When her attempt to “pivot” from campaigning for the black vote in the south in the primaries to the “moderate” Republican vote in the Northeast and the Midwest in the general election failed, Hillary Clinton started to play the victim card. A vote against  Clinton was a vote for sexism and racism, not a vote against a corrupt oligarch from a right-wing neoliberal family that the Democrats should have flushed out of the party in 2008. At the end of their campaign in late October, Clinton and her advisors just seemed to lose their minds, becoming almost as detached from reality as Richard Nixon was during Watergate, running on a bizarre Russophobic conspiracy theory that might have seemed extreme during the Cold War instead of against you, Mr. Clownstick, and your obvious racism, corruption, and unfitness to be President. Instead of pointing out that the Clownstick campaign had antagonized Mexico, a country of 125 million people, with accusations that Mexican immigrants were rapists, they decided to antagonize Russia, a country of 150 million people, with their own xenophobic nonsense, charging that the entire Von Clownstick organization itself was controlled from Moscow by none other than Vladimir Putin. What were they thinking?

I don’t know exactly what Obama was thinking when he appointed Hillary Clinton Secretary of State. Perhaps he had just read Dorris Kearns Godwin’s book A Team of Rivals one too many times. In any event,  John Kerry, for all his faults, should have had the job from the very beginning. All of Obama’s real foreign policy accomplishments, like the treaty with Iran, were Kerry’s doing. All of his failures, like the disastrous invention in Libya, were Clinton’s. President Fuckface, if your presidency turns out to be a complete disaster — and it will — you’ve at least accomplished one thing. You’ve made it highly unlikely that a Clinton will get anywhere near the White House, at least in my lifetime. I also think that President Obama’s nomination of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State was more a symptom of his aggregated shortcomings as a leader than a lone, isolated failure. Barack Obama, for all his skill as a speaker and above all as a salesman, was not the man we needed in 2008. At any other time he might have gone down in history as a great President, but in 2008 we needed a genuine progressive, a left-wing populist like Franklin Roosevelt who would have nationalized the banks, jailed the criminals on Wall Street, and restored Glass-Steagall. Instead we got a smooth-talking lawyer who never took a decisive position on anything, who let his rich friends dominate his administration, who let Goldman Sachs pick his cabinet. A President Trump, a President Fuckface Von Clownstick, was probably inevitable from the moment President Obama decided to bail out Wall Street and not Main Street.

So where, Señor Clownstick, do we go from here? Well let me just tell you I think you’re an ugly old racist with small hands and probably a smaller dick, a sleazy old billionaire who’s been to the tanning salon so many times you’ve turned orange, and that you’re likely to become the worst President in American history. I’m sure you don’t care what I think. You’ve just pulled off one of the greatest political upsets in American history. I’m an unemployed loser sitting in my mother’s basement. Maybe you do care. I don’t know. Maybe some of your right-wing extremist followers, the racist, antisemitic, homophobic “alt-right” you’ve been cultivating since you declared Mexican immigrants “rapists” at the beginning of your campaign, care.

Personally, I don’t feel particularly threatened by any of these people, but just keep in mind, if you have any decency at all, that there are people who do. Indeed, for many black people, LGBT people, Muslims, women and immigrants, my schadenfreude against the Clinton crime family is a good example of “white privilege.” I’m unlikely to get deported, gay bashed, or harassed online. I’m unlikely to be put in an immigrant detention camp, stopped and frisked, or shot by a police officer just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. What’s more, even if you don’t follow through on your promises to build a wall along the border with Mexico or ban Muslims from entering the United States, just the fact that you’ve been elected at all has made them feel unwelcome. Perhaps you can reach out to the people who feel threatened and hurt by your victory and reassure them that you consider them every bit the “real Americans” that you consider people who look like me.

Oh who am I kidding? Of course you won’t.

It’s time for everybody on the left, your enemies, to heal the animosities caused not only by your openly racist pandering to the dark side of white America, but also by the more passive aggressive attempts of the Clinton crime family to “divide and rule” the working class in order to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders. We need to build a broad-based, socialist, anti-fascist movement on the left, and we need to do it fast. We need to hit you, even before you take office. We need to protest your every move, destabilize and delegitimize your administration. We need to make sure you are thrown out of office in 2020. We need to make sure that the F.F. Von Clownstick Era goes down in American history as a freak accident, a stroke of bad luck, punishment from the political gods for not having learned the lessons of our own, dark, genocidal racist history. We need to build a movement that will in effect be an apology to the rest of the world for having elected you to the highest office in the land.

Just like George W. Bush, you are not not now, and you will never be my President.


Stanley W. Rogouski

20 thoughts on “Congratulations President Fuckface Von Clownstick”

  1. So brave of you to say these things. If you were here in the Philippines during the Marcos era, the loyalists would have killed you even before this post gets more than 50 likes. I salute you. The previous elections in our country also divided our country. I didn’t vote for our current president–his opponents were no better–but I would choose the lesser evil over and over and over again.

    1. It’s not the Philippines and Trump isn’t Marcos. There’s a much more sophisticated dynamic of propaganda and control here. The American state only kills people who have influence (Fred Hampton, Martin Luther King). If you’re a nobody like me you’re perfectly safe to babble on to your heart’s content as long as nobody listens to you.

      1. well, I used to have a public access tv show in san francisco, and I got surreptitiously interviewed by one of the cronies under pretense of commercial interest in the show. So you don’t even have to be that famous.

  2. Why don’t you tell us what you really think? I say let’s move on to issues instead of personalities, and put pressure on Congress to reverse some of the stupidities of the past few years. As you so adroitly pointed out, Trump’s win is a defeat for Wall Street, the economic machine behind so much political corruption. My favorite issues, which may seem petty to some, is to abolish daylight savings time, to abolish the ethanol mandate and maybe the air bag mandate too. Trump wants to expand eminent domain. Nix on that. He approves of fracking. Nix on that, too. Obamacare is a nightmare, only beginning to show its true colors. This is a time when local communities can make a real difference for themselves and for America as a whole.

    1. “As you so adroitly pointed out, Trump’s win is a defeat for Wall Street”

      It was an expression of disapproval for the Clintons’ ties to Wall Street. Objectively it was a victory, since Trump has promised to cut their taxes.

      1. Hey, I don’t believe in income taxes at all. Even Adam Smith claimed he didn’t think the king could get away with charging an income tax. He said taxpayers would refuse to allow king’s agents to interfere in their financial affairs. Now, we not only have a personal income tax, but we have taxpayers volunteering their personal financial information without any compensation for it.

        Remember, the income tax was approved in Congress in 1913 in anticipation of the Federal Reserve Act that same year. It’s purpose was to insure perpetual interest payments to the Fed on federal debt. It put Congress in the debt creation business and has provided the means for all our subsequent wars and other federal programs (all to help Wall Street out, by the way)

  3. …so did not even need a republican canditate to defeat Clinton…an emoji on a stick would have sufficed..
    ..the american people were either sick of a non-acting government for the common man ..or…sick of the cronyism…or despaired of seeing real social change after 2008… all a fault both of the assembled govnt players and the vast amounts of people who crumble with despair and leave the stage too quickly (though admittely hunger , cold, want, sickness, like any dwellers in a concentration camp help maintain a lack of will and defiance )…. …
    ……..war, racism, sexism, genocide…etc ..the list of the symptoms ( a word i use not to lessen their horrors but to define them as effects not cause.)..are the result of the disease..economics…..
    …….civilization, i see as the ‘body of men’ ….economics is its leprosy, its cancer, its rot…until we end the vast economic discrepancy of western/ eastern,..haves/have nots..1 %/99%….and that will take ‘climbing a mountain’ no civilization has been able to do so far…
    …perhaps it is in the actual structural assembly of civilizations that it cannot do so…

  4. The two most important issues in the world today are CO2 emissions and overpopulation. Trump is going to fuck us on both. If we don’t get CO2 emissions and human global overpopulation under control, none of this other stuff is going to matter. Hillary would have been much more likely to deal with this correctly than Trump. Any shaudenfreude going on here then, is delusional. We all are fucked, you included, whether you want to face that sorry fact or not.

    1. We need radical action on climate change. Electing Clinton, who has extensive ties to the oil industry and the fracking industry, wouldn’t have been the answer.

  5. In a Jungian analytic way, The Shadow (of Trump) has been accepted. All of his “bad” was a necessary evil to counter all of Hilary’s Darkness. The Least Dark has won, his victory speech so smooth and entirely predictable as The Donald was humbled to have actually been “made worthy”, and allowed himself to acknowledge how others brought him there. Perhaps a tribute that also acknowledges a sudden transition from a street-fighting man to a tough aggressive leader who won’t take shit from anyone. Whether acceptance of The Shadow will be beneficial is unknown, I think.

    1. I basically see it as one shitty ruling class politician beating another shitty ruling class politician. It’s not the end of the world. It will mean more “divide and rule” and more animosity between various constituencies in the working class.

      1. It could mean reinstatement of the global gag rule and repeal of Roe v. Wade, which both will force women across the planet into being human livestock brood mares. And the planet already has over double the global human population it can sustain comfortably.

        And if you have ever read “freakanomics” crime goes up approximately 17 years after women are forced to breed.

        Overpopulation then will help to fuel increased global CO2 emissions and emissions are already over the safe scientifically ruled max of 350 parts per million. Go to for more info. This group is run by teachers and students at MIT, so maybe they know what they’re talking about.

        Forget about political policies outside global warming and overpopulation right now. These two things will affect everything adversely.

  6. I had wished that Sanders was the person to go against rather than Clinton. Loved your latest post on the need for a spirit of audacity rather than fear… ahh, but I can’t help but hold my breath and see what happens…

  7. The fucking motherfucker obama is the first black president. The first president that would have loved, and if bitch hillary would have won, he would have had more time to destroy America, Christian’s,and the U.S. military, and the first to consider taking a shit co-ed is a civil right. How can anyone respect that stupid piece of fucking shit is beyond me.

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