A Quick Comment On My Heavily Pro-Clinton town in New Jersey


According to nj.com my town of Roselle, NJ  is probably among the most pro-Clinton places in all of America.

Roselle, a suburb of Elizabeth, is heavily African American and Hispanic, but it still has a lot of white people, 6,240 to be precise, and less than 15% voted for Trump. It’s easy to understand why. Many of them are elderly people, and are probably terrified that Trump will gut Social Security and Medicaid.

According to Wikipedia, the racial makeup of the borough was 29.59% (6,240) White, 55.06% (11,610) Black or African American, 0.31% (65) Native American, 2.23% (471) Asian, 0.02% (5) Pacific Islander, 9.63% (2,030) from other races, and 3.15% (664) from two or more races. Hispanics or Latinos of any race were 26.77% (5,644) of the population.


So Roselle, NJ is a Clinton success story, right?

Not exactly. Also according to Wikipedia, as of March 23, 2011, there were a total of 11,743 registered voters in Roselle. Of those 11, 743, only 8,212 people voted. That means that 3,531 did not. The population of the town as a whole in 2010 was 21,085. That means about 9,342 people aren’t registered. How many of those 9,342 people are children or new immigrants who have not yet become citizens? I don’t know. But still, it seems as if in one of the most anti-Trump, pro-Clinton towns in America, a lot of people just stayed home. I doubt there was much voter suppression. I’ve never been asked for Photo ID and I’ve never had to wait in line.

Note: Who were those 904 people who voted for Trump? Your guess is as good as mine. The guy on the next block with a Confederate flag bumper sticker on his pickup truck — occasionally I think about keying it but it’s such a dilapidated piece of junk I doubt he’d notice — also has a Gary Johnson sign on his front lawn. So not even him.

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