Don’t let the Democratic Party Elite Triangulate the Resistance Against Donald Trump

In politics, triangulation is the strategy in which a political candidate presents their ideology as being above or between the left and right sides (or “wings”) of a traditional (e.g. American or British) democratic political spectrum. It involves adopting for oneself some of the ideas of one’s political opponent. The logic behind it is that it both takes credit for the opponent’s ideas, and insulates the triangulator from attacks on that particular issue.

As Robert De Niro demonstrated in his otherwise forgettable movie about CIA counter-intelligence chief James Jesus Angleton, the CIA is just like the mob, only with WASPs, and not Italians. Over the past seventy years, they have protected Nazi war criminals. They have overthrown democratically elected governments in Guatemala and Iran. They have funded a terrorist war in Central America by selling crack cocaine in South Central Los Angeles. They currently run a network of “black sites” all over the world where prisoners are routinely tortured. In 1956, they kidnapped Columbia professor Jesús Galíndez and turned him over to the Trujillo government in the Dominican Republic, where he was boiled alive and fed to the sharks.


The CIA will now save you from Donald Trump.

At least that’s what many liberal Democrats claim. Yesterday, and according to the NY Times based on a “swell of evidence,” the CIA issued a report claiming that it was none other than Vladimir Putin who was behind the hack of the email accounts of the DNC and Democratic Party fixer John Podesta. A chorus of Democratic Party politicians, liberal pundits, not so liberal pundits, and erstwhile liberal Democratic Party websites quickly drew what they believe to be the obvious conclusion. The DNC and John Podesta hacks cost Hillary Clinton the election. If confirmed by the Electoral College, Donald Trump will not only be an illegitimate President elect. The United States will, in effect, become a wholly owned subsidiary of the Russian Federation. The electors must, therefore, refuse to install Donald Trump in the White House this December 19, and replace him with either Hillary Clinton, or some acceptable “moderate” Republican like John Kasich.

My views about Donald Trump are no mystery. I think he’s a fascist and a white supremacist. Nevertheless, liberal Democrats have somehow managed to come up with something even worse, a coup by the “deep state” against the over two hundred year old precedent of the Electoral College voting the way the people of their states have instructed them. This is a very short term solution to a very long term problem. Even if Vladimir Putin was behind the hacks against the corrupt DNC and the cretinous John Podesta – a very big “if” if you ask me – there’s no compelling argument that it determined the outcome of the election. While there’s no shortage of racism and antisemitism in Russia and Eastern Europe, white Americans don’t need Russians to teach them how to hate immigrants and Muslims. To blame the rise of Donald Trump on Vladimir Putin is a cop out at best. A President Donald J. Trump is the inevitable outcome of a long, and mostly unresolved, history of American white supremacy.

Do most Democrats actually believe that a report by the CIA will persuade the members of the Electoral College to replace Donald Trump will Hillary Clinton or John Kasich? We’ll find out on December 19, but I would argue no. If a coup led by the CIA blocks Trump from entering the White House, it won’t stop there. It will also require massive repression by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security against his supporters, who have been stockpiling weapons for years. It will mean a Second American Civil War, not to end slavery, but to consolidate the power of the federal government behind the Clinton family. I doubt most liberals have the stomach for that.

Instead, what I think the Democratic Party is trying to do is to “triangulate” resistance to the coming Trump Administration, to repeat the unlikely feat they pulled off during the middle-2000s, where they somehow managed to neuter and co-opt the resistance to the Bush/Cheney regime and funnel it into the campaign of the neoliberal Barack Obama. Indeed, the Democratic Party elite and the corporate media elite fear a mass popular uprising – the only way to remove Trump from office without provoking a civil war – almost as much as the Republican Party does. By framing the resistance to a President Trump as part of a jingoistic campaign against Russia and Vladimir Putin, the American ruling class gets to have its cake (Trump) and eat it too. They get to restrict Trump to the domestic arena, where he can privatize Social Security and eliminate Medicaid, and continue the bipartisan militarist consensus abroad. Their thugs and enforcers in the form of the CIA are, in effect, telling Trump to “keep off the grass.”

Will rank and file liberal Democrats go along with it? Sadly, I fear many of them will. As we saw during the Democratic primaries, the American working class is far too divided between white and black, between male and female, between native and immigrant, even to unite behind a moderate social democratic like Bernie Sanders. Yet there are also a few glimmerings of hope. The Standing Rock demonstrations scored an unlikely victory against the fossil fuel industry. The millennial generation, now mostly in their twenties and thirties, is more favorable to the idea of socialism than any other generation in American history. Whatever the Electoral College decides on December 19, both the Democratic and Republican Party elites have been exposed as corrupt and undemocratic, and neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton can command the loyalty of a clear majority of the American people. Our government and our ruling class stand in front of us naked. The emperor has no clothes. What will we do?

2 thoughts on “Don’t let the Democratic Party Elite Triangulate the Resistance Against Donald Trump

  1. Bawb Cawx

    December 12, 2016 Posting off topic not a response but a continuation of “The Battle” ahead.

    I believe in “The Environment”.

    Typically, I await the Winter Solstice (December 21, this year), which proves to every human that the Sun, Moon and Stars feature a Grand Orderly Direction, followed for millennia by humans, and noted, too, by the fish in the tidal seas and the migratory birds in their flight through the skies. This environment is truly recognized by many humans as a Natural Environment with Laws and Order that is immense in its complexity and the variety of species. Many humans regard Nature as the Handiwork of a Creator, an Unknowable Force that drives all the instinctual habits of creatures and endows humans with common sense and an intellect that informs what we humans call “free will”. Humans are truly blessed to be “aware” of themselves and the vast universe, and apparently the only animal, at least in our known, human universe, with this awareness.

    So, we humans have often tried to understand our human powers, and we have created systems of belief around our sometimes feeble understandings, when, for instance, some part of humankind realized that the Earth was NOT the centre of the Universe, and thence we have progressed upon this human journey of growing knowledge of the Universe.

    In 2016, we know many “scientific certainties” that technological humans are able to describe. The greatest hurdle for humans, at this point, is our massive interventions in earth’s environment. The Industrial Revolution, with access to huge sources of fuel, has turned into “The Anthropocene”, the geological Age of Man. Many humans recognize the devastation of natural conditions with our human interventions destroying the Natural Environment. Many seek preservation and conservation, but many others push ahead with gaining profits from the claiming of earth’s resources. This argument moves intensely among people, environmentalists seeking conservation and those who wish to exploit resources.

    As I celebrate my 65th Winter Solstice, I see my connection to the Universe. I have seen many days, and I have moved around the Sun 65 times. I can assure you, Winter came, and Spring came after, and science has theorized that Earth is 4.543 billion years old (a brief Google search). I believe that’s probably “true”, but then human theorizing has been wrong in the past. I do believe that measuring climate over the last 100 years, and analyzing ice and soil samples from other geological ages, has given humans enough information to reasonably measure climate change. We are generally able to know that glaciers are diminishing and that some dicoveries of animals and humans that have been encased in glaciers for thousands of years have appeared out of these melting forms, proof of a warming that is currently increasing.
    The current combinations of negative weather events like droughts and huge rainfalls have resulted in very dry places having large fires and flash floods when large rainstorms overwhelm streams and rivers. There are many human catastrophes and loss of lives.

    If I believe in “The Environment”, then it’s getting obvious to me that something in the Environment is changing. My summers in Montreal are hotter, overall, and winters have varied with less of the classical “cold and snow” and more warmer days.

    I’m writing all of this to encourage any readers to consider my understanding of climate change, and to accept, perhaps, that their anti-climate change ideas are misconceptions in light of available data. It is a free country, you can think what you want, but a final answer is usually supported by facts.

    In fact, I rather think (somewhat supported by the facts of 50 years of political history), that the “ecology” movement started up with the publication of four books in the 1960’s and early 1970’s:
    “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson (1962)
    “Diet for a Small Planet” by Francis Moore Lappe (1971)
    “Limits To Growth” by The Club of Rome (1972)
    “Small Is Beautiful” by E. F. Schumacher (1973)

    I also like to mention the man in Montreal who started STOP – Society To Overcome Pollution (1970) which is all part of that revolution that moved Recycling into a normal part of our culture. And also Milly Zantow of WI, USA who coined the term “Waste is not waste until it’s wasted”.…v2/AffichageFichier.aspx?idf..

    In researching the date of publication of Silent Spring, I came across a New York Times Magazine article (2012) about Rachel Carson which contains information regarding corporate organizations creating disinformation about Ms. Carson and her book, this being an early indication of the corporate programs and “think-tanks” that have been formed to de-bunk environmental issues since Carson’s popular, ground-breaking book. This is a clear indication of the concerted efforts and corporate money that flowed to counteract any efforts toward legislation and regulation of industry methods that were causing serious pollution. Industry believes, and still insists that regard for the environment is secondary to profit-making. I perceive this as determined “ecocide”, as fuel industries battle to extend the life of their coal and oil reserves.

    Environmentalists are insisting that coal and oil should be “orphaned” and alternative energies put into place rapidly to improve environmental degradation. The battle rages as “fake news” splashes our internet with unknowable deceits and exagerrations. Climate change deniers and “ruined journalists” with no means of income join together in bashing reality in favor of denials of the mounting catastrophes of climate change. The Information Age has become a war zone, truth being the first casualty of any war. As Buddha said, “Don’t believe me, look for yourself.” Believe your own truths, trust no one. We are nowhere, going fast. We are going to hell in a (cheap) handbasket, Made In China. In 100 years we will be filtering global sludge and slime for biomass to feed ourselves. Perhaps no life forms in 200 years. I don’t believe in predictions, but the endless war that has been waged by humans that regard this planet as Sacred Space is being very obviously lost. Evidence-based, my friends, evidence based.

    1. srogouski Post author

      Indeed we need radical action against climate change not the kind of piecemeal response Clinton would give us or the outright denial or Trump. It’s sad how people who would mortgage themselves to the hilt to send their kids to good schools won’t take any action to save the environment for their grand kids.


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