Are the Police Acting Like a Distributed Gestapo?

I wrote this last year. I got a few things wrong. Trump did win the election. But, after seeing the recent news about the Border Patrol not allowing Muslim visa holdings to see their lawyers, I think the main idea still holds. Rank and file law enforcement in the United States is basically a brownshirt class army, not a traditional police force who seem to believe they owe their loyalty directly to Trump, not to “the law.”


Writers Without Money

Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Walter Scott, Freddy Grey, and now Sandra Bland, I’ve seen this movie over and over gain. The screenplay rarely changes. A young black man, or woman, gets into a confrontation with the police. He dies under suspicious circumstances. For the first few days, local newspaper reporters, who usually depend on the cops for leads to stories, just publish the police department’s press release. But it rarely stops there. Political activists investigate the incident. They publish what they learn in online journals and on social media and this in turn sparks protests, not only against the police, but against the local media, which all too often act like a stenographer for the local police.

The newspapers, no longer able to ignore the discontent, respond in two ways: They send their reporter back to write a more detailed report on the police killing. But they also…

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  1. […] mesmerized by the spectacle of their own deepest violent fantasies being offered as tributes from a distributed gestapo the way people burn goats as offerings to the […]

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