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The Cheat (1915)

Though largely forgotten today, Sessue Hayakawa was one of the highest-paid movie stars of the silent-film-era. By 1922 he had made so much money he was able to start his own production company, Haworth Pictures Corporation, which eventually netted him $2 million dollars a year, some of which he spent just before the beginning of […]

Fire at Sea (2016)

Lampedusa, the southernmost part of Italy, is the largest island of the Italian Pelagie Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. That doesn’t mean it’s very big. With an area of only 7.8 square miles, and a total population of only 6,304, it’s about a third of the size of my crappy little town in New Jersey. […]

Night Nurse (1931)

Early in William A. Wellman’s seminal pre-code movie Night Nurse, a man walks into a hospital emergency room with a gunshot wound to his arm. Lora Hart, a trainee nurse played by Barbara Stanwyck, immediately recognizes him as a bootlegger, a first impression that’s confirmed when he begs her not to write out a police […]