Radio Without Money Episode 1: Are Chair Shots Still Allowed?

Welcome to Radio Without Money, the official podcast of Writers Without Money! Today on the show, Aloysius VI and I discuss Flynn’s dismissal, memories of proto-Alt-Right-neonazi-whatevertheyrecalledfuckthosedickwipes, the Super Bowl and how pro wrestling relates to labor politics! Stream it below.

Hopefully there will be new episodes of this once a week, possibly even more frequently once I get the mixer working. If you’d like to be on the show or would like to syndicate this to your local community radio station, leave one in the comments.

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5 thoughts on “Radio Without Money Episode 1: Are Chair Shots Still Allowed?”

  1. jesus chris….one hour twenty minutes and forty -five seconds long….good thing its saturday night and my tv show doesnt come on for 2 hrs…….funny, i kept clicking on the picture for awhile trying to get the video to start….

    1. Hahaha yeah we haven’t really settled on a format yet. Would a shorter podcast make you, our only known listener so far, more inclined to tune in regularly?

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