Radio Without Money Episode 2: The Fall of Anonymous


In this episode, Daniel Levine and Ross Snider discuss cyber security, the government infiltration that took down the Anonymous hacker collective, and the future of the media. And more stuff on walking dogs! This one’s got it all folks…

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3 thoughts on “Radio Without Money Episode 2: The Fall of Anonymous”

  1. Great podcast. Never boring.

    As to the question about formal education in journalism, the Columbia School of Journalism was founded in 1912 by Joseph Pulitzer.

    The journalism school at the University of Missouri is a few years older. It was also founded by Joseph Pulitzer.

    So Pulitzer is probably the Freud and the Jung of journalism.

    Journalism being taught in an ahistorical manner would be very similar to economics, where knowing the history of economics isn’t as important as learning the latest graphs.

    Film is also *very* important to the history of journalism. You can trace the history of American journalism through its reflection in American cinema.

    In the end though I guess the founder of American journalism was Ben Franklin. He was also the original Julien Assange.

  2. When you say about what’s on the television making you want to stay inside and watch the television, I couldn’t help but think of Bowling for Columbine. That was a core premise behind the criticism of media in the film.

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