Motherhood, Leftism and Feminism

“Going back to the kitchen radicalized me.”

Why women should reject a system that depends on unpaid domestic labor.

Thoughts From my Kitchen

Tolentino-TheGigEconomyCelebratesWorkingYourselftoDeath-1145 Credit: fiverr

Going back to the kitchen radicalized me. I became a leftist and a socialist. I now fully understand and appreciate how Russian women headed into the streets in 1917 full of rage and fury. Pissing off women who spend their days in the kitchen is not a good idea, not in 1789, not in 1917 and not in 2017. It is when I returned to the home to perform the most mundane and traditional of duties that spurred my activism and turned me from a lukewarm liberal feminist to a radical socialist feminist. There is no turning back.

My husband told me that I’ve become too politically radical lately. My criticisms against the police state, white supremacy, institutionalized racism, sexism and misogyny, US imperialism and military aggression, the overt anti-immigrant stance of this and previous administrations has gotten to him.

He told me I am too old to be a radical…

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