Chicken With Improvised Garlic Sauce and Creamy Potatoes

This is actually two recipes I improvised that mixed together by accident when they were combined in a single tupperware container. The two can easily be made together with the front two burners of a stove. Each is rich and delicious as its own dish, or mixed together. The first part:

Lemon-Garlic-Tomato Chicken with Vegetables

A stir fry. Chop up:

-3 small carrots lengthwise, thin

-2-3 cloves garlic

-1 medium yellow onion

-Handful of frozen peas

-Handful of frozen green beans

-1 yellow bell pepper

-1-2 chicken breasts cubed

-5 or 6 white cap mushrooms

-1/2 medium sized tomato

-4-5 small pieces of frozen pineapple

-Whatever other vegetables you want to add.

I used Wegman’s store brand stuff for this but it should work with substitutes. Put a decent splash of olive oil in a large skillet. Heat it to where it’s sizzling. Put in the carrots, let them fry for a little bit. Sprinkle in some preferably fresh ground black pepper. Continue to sprinkle some maybe two more times as everything’s cooking. Put in the garlic and onion. Put in a decent sized squirt of Lemon-Garlic marinade, then an equal or very slight bit more canned tomato sauce. Put in a fair amount of oregano. Put in the chicken. Stir everything around. Add a couple squirts of ketchup and stir around. Add red pepper. Squirt of A1 sauce. Continue to cook at around 5-6 on the stove top for a while. Add yellow bell pepper and tomato and pineapple chunks. Finally add another squirt of both Lemon-Garlic marinade and canned tomato sauce with the chopped mushrooms, stir around. Cook until everything is steaming hot and done. Sauce should almost look like a thick spicy tomato cream sauce but isn’t. Add a couple capers in at the very end.

Beefy Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Put 4 medium-large sized potatoes in a bunch of boiling water in a pot. Add 1/3rd a stick of butter, some chopped garlic, some salt, some black pepper, some savory seasoning, some rosemary, and 1/2 a packet of beef bouillon. Push apart softened potatoes with a spoon periodically. Boil down until somewhat thick/somewhat creamy or desired texture. Serve either mixed in with the stir fry, or with each part occupying a side of a large plate. Serve hot.

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