Images of My Suburban Dreamworld: 7


Often I dream of a world without superhighways.


  1. And no helicopters or other military aircraft overhead. Drones. They’ll be dumping junk mail on my front lawn next.

    1. “I’ll be back in fifteen, hon, I got to go mow the lawn. The sample packages are getting pretty high.”

      1. Cute. A good reason to live in an apartment.

        1. Except that that’s the level the drones fly around, and they all got cameras on ’em. Blackout drapes it is, then.

          1. Either that or give them an eyeful. At least they can’t dump pizza coupons on you.

            1. At least not until Dominoes perfects coupon missile technology.

              1. LOL. Shhhh. Don’t give them any ideas.

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