The Decentralized Fascist Gestapo

In an article a while ago, Stan wrote that the police in this country were becoming, or maybe already were a distributed informal gestapo. In my numerous articles exploring the rapid escalation of mass shootings in the US, I brought up the question whether they represent a similar “gestapo 2.0” being established by kamikaze “loner” shooters, who overwhelming belong to the Cheeto That Rapes Peoples’ key demographic-entitled angry white men. 2 years ago I wouldn’t have figured that nothing like the massacres that occurred during the Chinese Cultural Revolution or in Indonesia in the 1960s could happen in the US in our lifetime-an officially condoned massacre of the leader’s political opponents carried out by bloodthirsty civilians given no real orders besides “we won’t prosecute you if you kill the people we want you to kill.” 

I can’t confidently say now that this isn’t a very real possibility.

Roughly a year ago I wrote in a set of predictions of how the Cheeto That Rapes People would attempt to consolidate power that a key element being overlooked was the possibility of a decentralized guerilla ground army being created through the passage of a concealed carry reciprocity law.

For those unaware of what concealed carry reciprocity is-it basically means that if a person gets a license to carry a concealed firearm in one state, all other states would have to honor this license, sorta the same way you get your driver’s license in one state but it carries over to all 50 states. The GOP is pushing a federal concealed carry reciprocity law through right now, along with ending the ban on silencers. The only realistic motivation to end silencer bans is, at best the NRA hoping to increase guns sales through the encouragement of more and more deadly lethal mass shootings, at worst the Republican party hoping to consolidate power even further through the implied threat of gun violence at the polls or public assemblies against the president, a Cheeto who rapes people. If at least one mass shooting incident doesn’t happen near a polling place during the coming midterm elections due to this passing, I would be shocked.

The NRA, the Republicans, and their leader, the Cheeto That Rapes People, have been priming their base for this since Sarah Palin put that chart with Democratic congressmen with rifle scopes over their faces on her website. Probably even earlier. Anyone thinking Russian troll farms won’t be goading white supremacists on social media to do this hasn’t been paying attention. Anyone thinking that armed intimidation at polling places couldn’t possibly happen here forgets that this was one of, possibly the primary reason for the formation of the Ku Klux Klan after the end of the Civil War.

This is the response of the “moral majority” to the senseless slaughter of thousands of 1st graders, concert-goers, minorities, and people with the audacity to try to leave their houses and live their lives. If this passes, anyone who wants to hide a gun can just go to the state with the most lax gun laws, buy whatever they want, then go back to where they want to intimidate or kill people. They can be prosecuted for murder, yes, but that doesn’t bring back peoples’ dead children, spouses, or friends. It doesn’t stop intimidation at polling places furthering the consolidation of power by a sociopathic oligarchic minority. When women worry about that weird guy with boundary issues, they will now have to worry “Is he armed?”

Given the recent developments in Robert Mueller’s investigation of likely treason committed by the Cheeto That Rapes People, the Cheeto is probably feeling cornered. All evidence on the public record suggests the Cheeto is at best a malignant narcissist and at worst a psychopath. When malignant narcissists or psychopaths are challenged, they will always resort to manipulation through threats and violence to maintain their sense of control over their victims. They will lie without remorse. They exist only for their own gratification and self-aggrandizement. They do not feel empathy when they see dead children, only the ways they might profit from them.

Erik Prince, cofounder of the private militia-for-hire company Blackwater and brother of education secretary Betsy Devos, has been pitching a private secret service that answers only to Mike Pompeo and the Cheeto. This will probably be established, given that the surest way to predict the future recently seems to be by figuring out where follow-the-money and Murphy’s law intersect.

When the Cheeto is cornered, is it that far-fetched to suggest he’ll probably make a call to his “second amendment people” to silence his opponents? He already did it once.


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