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Springsteen is Langston Hughes Turned Inside Out

I found this interview rather interesting, especially this line. “In my songs, the spiritual part, the hope part, is in the choruses. The blues and your daily realities are in the details of the verses.” In Langston Hughes’s poem Let America be America, the (ultimately hollow) patriotic cheerleading is in the verses. The recognition […]

I Bought a Jaguar

Actually better. But still British. Over the next two years I’m going to be commuting frequently in and out of Newark, NJ and Manhattan, which means New Jersey Transit. You can bring full-sized bikes on NJ Transit trains but not at peak times. So the solution is a folding bike. This also lets me have […]

“An intramural scrimmage between right-wing factions of the ruling elite”

I occasionally find the World Socialist Website tediously sectarian but they do have a very good take on Russiagate. Basically this is a war between white nationalists and neoconservatives, between Pat Buchanan and Dick Cheney. The dispute, in other words, has been confined to an “intramural scrimmage” (as Obama put it after Trump’s election) between […]

If I had to guess I’d say the only way we’re going to get to see the whole Mueller Report is if someone gives it to Wikileaks

I mean you never know, but if they do release an official version it’s going to be so heavily redacted it’ll be worthless. In any case it will be a useful (to the ruling class) distraction for the next few months. What the hell is in the damned thing?

Why do so many political activists wind up dead?

Unlike Ferguson there’s no obvious connection to the police but it’s still disturbing. The body of Columbus activist Amber Evans was found in the Scioto River this weekend, Columbus Police said in a press release Sunday. Evans, a 28-year-old African-American woman, had been missing since Monday, Jan. 28, when police found her car near the […]

John Keats Died at 25

I didn’t understand Keats when I was 25. I was too strong, too healthy, too oblivious of my own mortality to understand the poetry of a man dying of tuberculosis. But now in middle age I finally understand what he felt when he saw the Elgin Marbles in the British Museum and fell into despair […]

Christopher Hitchens’s Marxist Argument in Favor of Reparations

  Sometimes Hitchens is bad. Sometimes he’s good. Here he makes quite an effective argument that paying reparations for slavery is basically the essence of Marxism. Since the ultimate agenda of socialism is paying the worker the full value of his labor, you can’t be a socialist and not be in favor of reparations.

Mueller Report

Some already well-known scumbags (Jermone Corsi, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort) are going to prison but it looks like Mueller decided to pass on going any higher up the ladder. (Correction: Apparently Corsi’s not being charged. Too bad. The “Swiftboat Vets for Truth” brainwashed my elderly Marine veteran father in 2004 into voting for Bush and […]

Steve Salaita

Steve Salaita, who had his academic career destroyed by the Israel Lobby, is one of the best writers currently working. His essays of Israeli and US propaganda are a great practical application of Chomsky’s ideas. Often articulated by deeming leftists and people of color purveyors of “purism,” the grown-up politics motif suggests that aggrieved communities […]

Trump is a Russian Stooge But we won’t impeach him

Ever get the sense that the most fervent believers in Russiagate are also the people most against impeaching Trump? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rankled some of her supporters when she said “I’m not for impeachment” last week. And apparently, she’s fine with that. A Twitter group run by Pelosi’s political account on Twitter was told […]