An Eloquent Defense of Venezuela Against US Imperialism

When it comes to regime change in Venezuela, the entire American establishment from Trump on the far right to Bernie and Ro Khanna on the left are of one voice. They want war. The corporate media if anything is even more belligerent against the Maduro government. As a result, we Americans really hear the other side of the story. The US government has deliberately wrecked the Bolivarian Revolution through sanctions and economic warfare. And so, like with Iraq in 2003, the American ruling class feels it has softened the country up to the point where it can go for out and out regime change.

The U.S. economic blockade against Venezuela has already cost the nation $113 billion between 2013–2017, according to Centro Estratégico Latinoamericano de Geopolítica. That’s 113,000,000,000 dollars stolen from Venezuela in four years, that’s countless tons of medicine, food, and other resources deprived from the people of Venezuela. It is an attempt to economically isolate Venezuela, to create a man-made famine, and to subsequently crush the Venezuelan resistance to the U.S. empire, paving way for another coup or military invasion to install a pro-U.S. ally who will allow the U.S. to extract the oil, monopolize the markets, have access to a cheaper source of labor, etc.


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