Brazil gets its own Sandy Hook

I keep coming back to the thought that the Sandy Hook Massacre as the decisive moment in recent American history that made Trump possible.

It’s hard to believe that anyone ever doubted that mass shootings were “political.” It’s equally baffling that we’ve debated them as a “problem to be solved” instead of “a demonic attack on the very fabric of society itself.”

As we should have recognized from the beginning, the conspiracy theories around the Sandy Hook Massacre were a declaration of war against America by the fascist gun cult, a declaration of war against our ability to perceive reality. This was the original “fake news” and Maria Buttina notwithstanding, it had nothing to do with Russia.

It’s not surprising that Brazil, which has recently taken a President out in a soft coup, jailed the most popular politician in the country, and elected a Trump like fascist to its highest political office is now experiencing the kind of mass shootings we’re so familiar with in the United States. Two young men put on ski masks, walk into their former school and start blasting away. This is not “mental illness” or a fluke. This is “propaganda of the dead.”

But hey, by all means, feel free to tell me how your guns guarantee your “freedom” against an oppressive government or how the left has to imitate the right in its devotion to a bizarre, irrational cult of death.

“It’s a very sad scene, the saddest thing I’ve seen in my entire life. The teenagers were brutally murdered,” São Paulo state governor João Doria said after visiting the school.

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