Hezbollah Supports Universal Health Care

There’s so much propaganda around Hezbollah in the American media that it’s a little shocking when you look at the Lebanese media and realize they’re not the cartoon villains the NY Times and MSNC has convinced you they are. They’re a real political party with a real constituency and real political and economic positions.

BEIRUT: Health Minister Jamil Jabak said Saturday that he will cancel the ministry’s contracts with any hospital that denies a patient admission to the emergency room because of an inability to pay fees.

“No one accepts that a child or anyone gets rejected admission to the hospital’s emergency unit,” Jabak said in televised remarks from the public hospital in Minyeh, as part of a tour of multiple hospitals in northern Lebanon.

Earlier, after visiting Dr. Abdullah al-Rassi Public Hospital in Akkar’s Halba, he announced that the hospital’s financial ceiling – the maximum it can spend on patients a year – was eliminated. “It is not acceptable to have a patient in Akkar who wants to go to the area’s only governmental hospital, and there is a financial ceiling,” he said.


2 thoughts on “Hezbollah Supports Universal Health Care

  1. Ben Hosen

    If it was a crack pipe I’m glad… it kicked you? (@dickcheneyfacts here, we miss you on the cursed bird site but good god what a sewer.)

    I’m not a scholar on it but radical Shia politics (much as I disagree with some of the doctrine) seems similar to Liberation Theology in Latin America c 1965-1990 while radical Sunni ideology tends towards Pol Pot if not that Austrian guy.

    Small wonder this country spends billions to wipe out the one and empower the other. History definitely rhymes.

    1. srogouski Post author

      I don’t think anybody who ever left Twitter or Facebook has regretted it. Where were the Venezuelan fascists a few years ago when I need them.

      I honestly know nothing about Syria or Lebanon. The only thing I’m really sure of is that the US media narrative of the Israelis as the good guys and Hezbollah and Hamas as the bad guys is simplistic and almost certainly wrong.

      And where are those sanctions on Saudi Arabia. I mean, what do the Saudis have to do? Chop up a journalist on a Turkish recording freely available to senior members of the US government?


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