This is god level packing ability

I cycled through most of New England (on a full-sized bike) two years ago with one small backpack and one change of clothes. I’m probably going to do Gettysburg and Hapers Ferry sometime this May.

My principle on long distance rides is “the less stuff the better.” But it doesn’t quite work in the real world. A bike is my only method of transportation. I don’t own a car. Next year I’m going to be finishing up a computer science degree at NJIT in Newark. So I’ll be commuting about 12 miles each way on NJ Transit. Therefore I’m thinking of getting a Brompton, which I can use to ride the 2 miles to the train station here in suburbia and the 1.5 miles from Newark Penn Station to the campus in Newark.

Apparently you can also tour on a Brompton. I’m positively in awe of just how much gear this woman can fit into two bags.

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