Mike Gravel for President

(You probably don’t know who he is but he’s the man most responsible for ending the Vietnam era draft. That also means he was in the Senate before I was born, so I guess he’s old. Caveat. I have no idea if this site is connected to the real Mike Gravel or not. It has a fundraising link that goes to “Act Blue,” so my guess is no.)

Sen. Gravel is committed to ending America’s imperial policies (especially in Venezuela and Iran), rescheduling cannabis, fundamentally reforming our politics through direct democracy, abolishing mass surveillance on American citizens, prioritizing climate change, dismantling America’s carceral state, and building a foreign policy free of undue influence by Israel and Saudi Arabia.

If he were to run, he would aim not to win, but instead to qualify for the 2020 Democratic debates in order to send a message that no other candidate, not even Bernie Sanders or Tulsi Gabbard, is willing to issue. Our goal is to push the rest of the Democratic field toward policies, especially on political reform, climate change, and foreign policy, that, for the first time in decades, will truly challenge the American plutocracy and military-industrial complex.


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