Trump is a Russian Stooge But we won’t impeach him

Ever get the sense that the most fervent believers in Russiagate are also the people most against impeaching Trump?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rankled some of her supporters when she said “I’m not for impeachment” last week. And apparently, she’s fine with that.

A Twitter group run by Pelosi’s political account on Twitter was told that group members who disagree with her position on impeachment should “feel free to exit.” Messages sent from Pelosi’s account and signed by her spokesperson, Jorge Aguilar, were provided to TYT by a member of the group.

“‘Impeachment’ is not something we will be entertaining or be throwing around freely or strategizing in public in or DM groups,” Aguilar wrote in the private group. “This is a VERY serious issue. We understand some may only be motivated by that issue, and if you find yourself in disagreement with us and do not wish to be a part of our DM group, we completely understand and are sad to see you go but feel free to exit.”

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