Mueller Report

Some already well-known scumbags (Jermone Corsi, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort) are going to prison but it looks like Mueller decided to pass on going any higher up the ladder.

(Correction: Apparently Corsi’s not being charged. Too bad. The “Swiftboat Vets for Truth” brainwashed my elderly Marine veteran father in 2004 into voting for Bush and I genuinely wanted to see this asshole do some time.)

I have no idea if Trump directly conspired with “the Kremlin” or not but the ruling class has decided to “protect the office” of the Presidency from “We the People” knowing too much. Russiagate has paid off richly for the arms industry in rebooting the Cold War and the corporate liberal obsession with Putin has effectively suppressed any dissent against Trump from the left.

Is anybody really surprised?

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