Why do so many political activists wind up dead?

Unlike Ferguson there’s no obvious connection to the police but it’s still disturbing.

The body of Columbus activist Amber Evans was found in the Scioto River this weekend, Columbus Police said in a press release Sunday.

Evans, a 28-year-old African-American woman, had been missing since Monday, Jan. 28, when police found her car near the Scioto Mile in downtown Columbus.

At the time, police reported Evans was last seen wearing a white parka and black leggings, and that she recently had a “dispute with her boyfriend.” Authorities considered her a “distraught high risk missing person.”


2 thoughts on “Why do so many political activists wind up dead?”

  1. I suppose they could if they wanted but I’m not sure why they’d want to crash Boeing stock by crashing two random planes. This incident here seems like depression, burnout and possible domestic abuse. The only thing I’m sure that “state” is involved in is all the deaths in Ferguson. Too much of a pattern to be an accident. Wouldn’t surprise me if the cops are running a death squad in Ferguson.


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