On the Antisemitic Underpinnings of the Russiagate Hysteria

Yasha Levine writes about the similarities between American liberal Russophobia and classical antisemitism.

with its blood-drenched “Judeo-Bolshevik Lite” aesthetic and hints about other diabolical Russian conspiracies to control the world, Time sure wasn’t going for subtlety: Sure, that plot was a dud, but the liberal global order shouldn’t let its guard down just yet. There are other plans afoot, ones more expansive and possibly even more evil!


Anti-Slavic bigotry is “respectable” in the United States. I’ve had “woke” liberals tell Polish jokes right to my face. But what Levine points out about “Russiagate” is beyond simple ethnic/class bias and ventures into out and out fascism.

How ironic that the “liberal” opposition to a fascist and white supremacist like Trump often takes on such bigoted and white supremacist dimensions.

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