AOC’s Boyfriend

As a fat, bald middle-aged man in my 50s, I don’t have a right to judge any decent looking man in his late-20s with all his hair (although by the looks of it not for long). So I won’t. He looks OK to me. What’s more, AOC is dating a guy her own age (instead of someone decades older the way Kamala Harris did when she was AOC’s age) so what’s not to like?

Apparently a lot of people on Twitter (from which I’m banned for life for insulting Venezuelan fascists) don’t think highly of his looks (or at least of his grooming).


But here’s the real issue. Marie LeConte isn’t reacting to Riley Roberts’s looks but to his lack of celebrity. Since coming to Washington, AOC has been elevated to A-List demigod status (how dare she date a nobody and not a fellow celebrity), even as her political positions have been getting mushier and mushier. I’d still like to see more people in Congress with AOC’s politics but Jesus, this is gutless.

“Violence is horrible,” Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tells NR when asked to comment on the situation. When pressed on whether the Maduro government is legitimate or Guaidó deserves U.S. support, she adds that she’ll “defer to caucus leadership on how we navigate this.”

And therein lies the problem. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is not a demigod. She’s only one relatively progressive member of Congress surrounded by centrists and neoliberals. It’s easier in Washington to be a mega-celebrity too hot for your ginger boyfriend than it is to be a principled socialist, a lot easier. Hot celebrities are a dime a dozen in America. Socialists, or even principled liberals, are like the passenger pigeon. If you see one, tell me.  Too bad AOC’s well on her way to becoming just another A-Lister.

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