Did Sandra Bland Really Commit Suicide?

After seeing this video (a video the courts withheld from the public) I’m beginning to think that everybody’s first impression (that she was murdered) was probably right. I think I doubted the idea that she was murdered simply because I couldn’t imagine what motive the cops would have had. But this video makes it obvious. They did it because they’re sick sadistic cunts who enjoyed it.

(It seems that WordPress won’t let the video run in an embedded video. But it’s easy enough to click through to the original Tweet.)


1 thought on “Did Sandra Bland Really Commit Suicide?

  1. iamselma

    The reason I believed it was suicide is that back in 2015, the video of inside the holding cell shows no one entering Sandra Bland’s cell for several hours before she was found dead hanging. The question is whether that video footage was edited. Then the question is: how was she strangled and made to look like she hung herself, or how did someone else hang her using a garbage bag, without her putting up a struggle? I recall the autopsy report did not show signs of a struggle on her body. There would have been someone else’s DNA found underneath her fingernails if that was the case. I’d like to know your thoughts. The biggest thing missing is how this could have happened. I totally believe “why” it would have happened.


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