Impeach Trump but Remember Robert Mueller’s Shady History Too

Apparently he helped cover up the Bush family’s ties to Saddam

“As soon as the BNL case broke, Bush moved to throttle the investigation. He appointed lawyers from both Cardoen and Matrix to top Justice Department posts – where they supervised the officials investigating their old companies. The overall probe was directed by Justice Department investigator Robert Mueller. ”

For the most part, I think “Russiagate” is a squabble between two right wing factions of the ruling class that doesn’t really concern me.

Nevertheless, I do think Trump is the inevitable outcome of Congress’s failure to impeach Reagan over Iran Contra, and we have to start holding the President accountable for his crimes somewhere/sometime. Now’s as good a time as any.

It is ironic, however, that Mueller himself began his career covering up for the Bush family in the 1980s.

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