A Few Headlines from Our Rotten World

Trump and the Clintons botch the hit on Jeffrey Epstein.  Look, I’m not going to lose any sleep if this creep gets shanked In prison. But I do want him to go to court and name names first.


Boomers, who as a generation have a legacy of political failure, continue to stand in the way of the aspirations of millennials, who have started to produce major political figures like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Ilhan Omar.


In other news a couple of sociopathic millennial hipsters destroy the life of a naive Boomer Harvard professor, who wanted to be cool and make the scene so bad that he let them steal his 2.5 million dollar house in Cambridge.


Russiagate grinds on and on. Anybody who watched Nancy Pelosi protect actual war criminals Bush and Cheney in 2007 knew how this would play out. Trump almost certainly has some shady Russian connections but the idea he would ever be held accountable was all bread and circuses for the rubes. There’s little or no chance the Democrats will impeach him.


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