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What Killed the Rialto?

When I was a child in the 1970s I got to experience the cultural moment that every millennial dreams of. I saw  Star Wars — I refuse to call it “A New Hope” — in its original theatrical run. As an adult with more sophisticated tastes, I can easily point out why Star Wars isn’t […]

The cultural repression around the Iraq war made it easier for sexual predators like Harvey Weinstein

At least according to Taylor Swift. That idiotic rule so many of us are taught that “you shouldn’t talk about politics or religion” has its consequences. She cites her background in country music as one of the reasons she didn’t join other celebrities in speaking out about her politics. “I come from country music,” she […]

Recognizing Myself in a Bad Writer

Even though I largely agree with the politics behind this piece, reading it gave me a headache. Paul Street needs an editor, badly.  It starts off great. This is dead on accurate. Trump is just the tip and leading beneficiary of the big white iceberg of Amerikaner racism- denial. Ask a typical white Trump supporter […]

The Epidemic of Violence Against Women Continues in New Jersey

I was finished with this article before I realized I had no idea what this guy’s motive was. Why would you just follow a coworker home from lunch and murder her? Did she, perhaps, catch him embezzling company funds? Was he an incel virgin obsessed with a woman he couldn’t have? He wasn’t. He was […]

We Polish Americans only Have One King

I give you the King of all Polish Americans. And I guarantee you he can kick your ass.

The Governor of New Jersey Railroads a Black Critic of Israel

New Jersey Globe first reported on Dye’s Facebook posts. Some of the ones cited have been deleted from his page. Politico New Jersey said it also viewed some of the posts. The website said one post accused Israel of sterilizing Ethiopian Jewish immigrants without informing them. “Ya’ll keep thinking these people are harmless against blacks,” […]

Can a White Actor Play a Black Historical Character?

I found this old interview of James Earl Jones by Dick Cavett. Anthony Quinn (a Mexican of Irish descent) had planned to make a film about the Haitian Emperor Henry Christophe. It’s fairly clear that Jones doesn’t think Quinn should play Henry Christophe but he makes his point in a very nuanced, sophisticated way that’s […]

How to Steal Anybody’s Dirty Gym Clothes

I mostly ride my cheap 800 dollar aluminum road bike through wealthy suburbia. So normally I don’t take many precautions about its being stolen. It’s not that rich people don’t steal. If you follow the local news closely you’ll be surprised at how many nice 5-bedroom McMansions owe their existence to Medicare fraud and insider […]

Slavery vs. Free Labor

This is how the ruling class actually talks about us. From the movie Queimada by Gillo Pontecorvo. It’s also a pretty good explanation of why the ultimate outcome of the United States Civil War was capitalist oligarchy.

A Reason to Impeach Trump Now

1.) The Constitution gives Congress and only Congress the right to declare war. 2.) The United States funds the Israeli military to the tune of billions of dollars a year. 3.) Trump is colluding with Benjamin Netanyahu to keep members of the United States Congress from traveling to Israel, limiting Congress’s ability to make informed […]