Fuck the Second Amendment: Part II

A gunman killed nine people and injured at least 27 in Dayton, Ohio’s Oregon Historic District shortly after 1 am ET Sunday. The attack was the US’s second mass shooting in 24 hours, following another mass shooting in El Paso, Texas.


There’s an obvious solution. Ban guns. There’s a reason why we don’t have mass shootings in New Jersey. Gun control works. It’s a no brainer.

Unfortunately we’re never going to get federal gun control and if we do it won’t be enforced. Police are largely on the side of white supremacist mass murderers. Notice how unlike random black shoplifters or homeless women with dogs, white supremacist mass murderers almost always taken alive. Sometimes the cops even take them to Burger King.

I think at this point the only practical solution is we need a lot of training. We need to learn how to jump an active shooter and beat him to a bloody pulp before the cops can take him alive. We need to find some way of taking psychological power back from the gun nuts. Gun nuts enjoy these mass murders. They get to feast on peoples’ emotional distress. The conspiracy theories are part of it. Undermining a grieving people’s sense of reality gives them pleasure. Begging for gun control that will never happen just plays into their emotional game. And it’s not going to stop anytime soon. A good first step would perhaps be to stop debating them. I’ve never met a gun nut online or in the real world who debated in good faith. We need to stop talking to gun owners and start strategizing against them.

Fuck all gun owners.

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