The Jeffrey Epstein Rorschach Test

On August 10, 1792, a Jacobin mob stormed the Tuileries in Paris, a former residence of the King of France and the site of the present day Louvre. It was the most violent and radical day of the French Revolution, the beginning of the much misunderstood “reign of terror” and one of the most glorious days in human history. A few weeks later, George Danton would give the speech where he called for “l’audace, encore de l’audace, toujours de l’audace!” Over the next decade, the republican armies of democratic France would crush the old order of royalist Europe. A new era in history was born.

August 10 is also my birthday.

August 10th 1792 also gave the world something it rarely sees, irrefutable proof of a long running conspiracy theory. For years the radicals of Paris had held suspicions about Honoré Gabriel Riqueti, comte de Mirabeau, one of the early leaders of the French Revolution, and a moderate who wanted, not a democracy but a constitutional monarchy like the English. Mirabeau, not surprisingly, is popular in the English speaking world. Thomas Carlyle considered him the true historical genius of 1789, whose death in 1791 led to the rise of the Jacobins, the Paris mob, and the guillotine. The Jacobins had other ideas about the Comte de Mirabeau, who had since been interred with full state honors in the Pantheon. They believed he had been in the pay of the king.

They were right.

After the mob breached the gates of the Tuileries, a full search was conducted of the great palace of Henry of Navarre. They found what the kids on social media like to call “receipts.” All along he had been in the pay of the King. His body was removed from the Pantheon and replaced with the body of Jean Paul Marat (Google him but not while you’re in the bathtub). To this day nobody knows what happened to Mirabeau’s corpse.

He received a grand burial, and it was for him that the Panthéon in Paris was created as a burial place for great Frenchmen. The street where he died (rue de la Chaussée-d’Antin) was renamed rue Mirabeau. In 1792, his secret dealings with the king were uncovered, and in 1794 his remains were removed from the Panthéon and were replaced with those of Jean-Paul Marat.[33] His remains were then buried anonymously in the graveyard of Clamart. In spite of searches performed in 1889, they were not found.,_comte_de_Mirabeau#Collaborators

I suppose it’s fitting that on the greatest single day of the French Revolution and on my birthday, Jeffrey Epstein, pedophile pimp to the American ruling class, got a well-deserved, violent end. Sadly though, it was in a dank prison cell early Saturday morning, and at the hands of a dirty prison guard or some corrupt ex police officer in the pay of the mob, and not by guillotine in the public square for everybody to enjoy.

So what we’re left with is not catharsis, but a Rorschach Test.

It’s clear that Epstein had close ties, not only to sleazy lawyers like Alan Dershowitz and shady, Israeli backed, neoconservative oil companies like Genie Energy, but to both Donald Trump and the Clintons. Predictably, Clinton supporters are blaming Trump. Trump supporters are blaming the Clintons. Most mainstream journalists and “decent” respectable leftists just seem to want the whole thing to go away. After all, Epstein’s murder requires them to make a choice, to say out loud whether they think the American ruling class is incompetent but fundamentally well-intentioned, or whether they’re actually evil. It’s never a good career move to come out and declare that the people you hope might hire you someday were complicit in a long running conspiracy to traffic underage girls to the rich and powerful.

Ruling class liberals still loyal to the Clintons blame Russia.

The hard core right wing, in turn, thinks Epstein is one more name for the “Clinton body count.”

The “dirt bag left” thinks its funny (and to be honest, it is).


Some people are evening arguing that it means the Democratic Party elite is finally moving left.

I think just about everybody can agree that it was murder, not suicide, but I doubt anybody will ever know the real truth. The only way that will ever happen is if a new Jacobin mob storms the White House and the headquarters of the FBI and manages to grab all the files before someone can shred them.

But I do think there are a few things we need to keep in mind.

1.) Part of the reason The Democratic Party leadership has been blocking impeachment is that now that Mueller has refused to indict Trump they’re hoping that after Joe Biden takes his place in the White House that the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York will indict Trump after he leaves office. I think it’s widely understood that the Southern District of New York is a Democratic friendly court that will leave the Clintons out of any investigation in a way that an impeachment process (which would be open and democratic) won’t. It’s more important now than ever to demand that Trump be impeached.

2.) We may not ever find out the truth about Epstein’s death but we know the truth about his life. For decades he was the pedophile pimp to the highest circles of the American ruling class.

3.) We need to campaign like hell for Bernie Sanders in 2020. He may not be perfect, but he’s outside of the circle of these corrupt, pedophile elites. He takes little or no money from the Israel Lobby. Rich, elite liberals hate him as much as conservatives do. That’s enough recommendation for me.

4.) We need to listen to Epstein’s victims. Now that he’s dead they’re never going to get justice. But they do need to be heard.

5.) We need to be more open and intelligent about conspiracy theories. Clearly “QAnon” was come kind of limited hangout coming from the far right. They got the broad outlines of Epstein’s sex-trafficking ring right. But they spun it as a partisan attack on the Democrats and a broader conspiracy involving the whole American ruling class. We need to reexamine the bigger conspiracy theories of the past few decades, Iran Contra, 9/11, the assassinations of the 1960s, and give them a real examination. The mainstream, corporate media’s reluctance to talk dirt about their owners is allowing the far right to mobilize discontent and divert our eyes from the real truth about American capitalism.

6.) There needs to be a full investigation of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York and about why Epstein was taken off suicide watch the night before he died.

Someday we might live in a world where a major news story like Epstein’s death ends up as more than simply a Rorschach Test where people merely reiterate their biases or quickly side with the respectable left and assume the elites always have the best intentions. Some day we may even produce our own Jacobin mobs. It may even be within my lifetime but as of yet it’s a long way off.

Until then all we can do is laugh at how pathetic we are to allow ourselves to be ruled by these people.

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