The Governor of New Jersey Railroads a Black Critic of Israel

New Jersey Globe first reported on Dye’s Facebook posts. Some of the ones cited have been deleted from his page.

Politico New Jersey said it also viewed some of the posts. The website said one post accused Israel of sterilizing Ethiopian Jewish immigrants without informing them. “Ya’ll keep thinking these people are harmless against blacks,” Dye wrote, according to the website.

Dye wrote in another post that “Jews use a Willie Lynch technique to divide and conquer blacks and black and Latino people for power.”

Jeffrey Dye  seems to have phrased a few things badly but most of what he’s saying about the Israeli government’s sterilization of Ethiopians has been widely reported in mainstream media outlets like Forbes and The Guardian. His arguments about the “William Lynch strategy” do unfairly scapegoat Jews for something the English did, but he’s referring to a “divide and conquer” strategy used to maintain white supremacy that’s been well documented by historians. Finally, Advance Media refers to making a reference to the 1619 project as antisemitic. That’s outrageous.

Note how they say “antisemitic” instead of “accused of antisemitism” or “ethnically charged” the way they would if Dye had been a white employee making racist remarks against blacks. Of course the Maga Chuds and white nationalists in their comments are going wild with glee at Murphy’s firing of a black employee. For all I know there may be more damning quotes than what they reprint in the article but right now Murphy and Advance Media seem to me to be more concerned with appeasing our white nationalist and ultra-Zionist President than they do with giving Dye a fair hearing. The only thing he really seems guilty of is hyperbole and over the top wording.

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