The Nobel Committee Pisses off Polish Conservatives and American Imperialists

I’ve never read either Peter Handke or Olga Tokarczuk but I’m going to have to get around to it. Supposedly Handke is pro-Milosevic (but we all know how those accusations usually turn out). All the people angry about these two awards are the right people in my book to piss off. So yeah. Greatest Nobel Prize for literature since Bob Dylan.


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    I know nothing about the Nobel winners. I just finished “Claws of the Panda” about Chinese “influence” in Canada. It’s specific to Canada, but adds to my knowledge of USA imperialism a certain understanding of Chinese imperialism, both of which I abhor. Having experienced a small amount of British Empire growing up in Canada, I swear I will NEVER bow to being a “colonial” in ANYBODY’s fucking Empire, ok? Stand Clear, all you New Napoleons (Trump, Xi Ping, Erdogan, Bolsanaro, Duerte, Putin, et too many others!! My name is COX and I ain’t no sucker…!!!

  2. That was the best thing about Bob Dylan winning. It was someone whose work I actually know

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