Remember When the Media Told Us Rudy Giuliani Was a Hero?


I like to rag on the inbreds in the red states about their precious guns. 

But let’s face it, this one’s on us educated northeastern liberals. It wasn’t gun loving inbreds in the south who elected Giuliani Mayor of NYC twice. It wasn’t gun loving inbreds in the south who let the corporate media get away with elevating him to hero status after 9/11, even though he was an incompetent who put his command center in World Trade Center 7 and got hundreds of cops and firemen killed. It wasn’t the gun loving inbreds in the red states who looked the other way when the NYPD funneled millions to Giuliani Partners during the 2004 RNC.

Nope that’s all on us, us nice educated northeastern liberals.

Now in addition to being a racist and an incompetent authoritarian asshole, Giuliani is a traitor and and outright criminal.

And that was before the arrest of two foreign-born businessmen who reportedly helped Giuliani try to discredit former Vice President Joe Biden, the leading Democrat to take on Trump in next year’s election. Several reports have indicated Giuliani himself may be caught up in the probe.

Look. I’m no fan of Joe Biden or the right wing of the Democratic Party. I’m also under no illusions about the Ukraine lobby’s influence over Pelosi or why she finally, at long last, decided to impeach. But seriously, fuck Rudy Giuliani and fuck every rich liberal in New York who voted for him in the 1990s and put him on a pedestal in the early 2000s. It was always obvious what he was. Seeing this dime store Mussolini in handcuffs would really make my day. Oh please God let it happen.

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