“Wherever they burn books, in the end will also burn human beings.”

That’s a quote from the German poet Henreich Heine.

It seems it’s still relevant.

Students at Georgia Southern University burned the books of a Cuban-American author on a grill following a lecture in which she argued with participants about white privilege and diversity.


It looks like we need to take their matches along with their guns.

Can we please start the Civil War now. I’m itching to march through Georgia.

One thought on ““Wherever they burn books, in the end will also burn human beings.””

  1. It’s very weird when “college students” burn books – aren’t the young supposed to be full of curiosity about everything, NOT having turned their minds to an armed camp of rejection. The world is supposed to move forward, I thought. Dark and backwards, vengeful and violent, heading for oblivion… wow!

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