The Attacks on Climate Change Protesters

Extinction Rebellion protesters have been physically attacked in two cities.


And Edmonton

I don’t know if blocking traffic during rush hour is the best strategy Extinction Rebellion could be taking. In fact, it’s probably not.

But I do know this.

These same people wouldn’t get angry over the invasion of Iraq. They probably wouldn’t stop a racist or a sexist or a homophobic attack in public. If Trump or Trudeau or a member of the royal family blocked traffic, they’d simply shake their heads and passively accept it.

But they are willing to beat up climate change protesters so they can stay in the rat race. Their fear of their boss is stronger than any urge they might have to save the planet from climate change, or even any curiosity about what’s going on.

Fear of being late for work, that’s the only thing that will motivate people in capitalist societies to take action.


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