Keanu Reeves dates women over 40 but he doesn’t date women under 6 feet


Feminists are praising Keanu for dating a woman *only* a decade younger than he is but looking at photos you’d have to conclude that since he’s 6’1″ she must be exceptionally tall.

In any event, everybody’s ignoring the real issue. Reeves was in some pretty innovative films in the 1990s. Personally I found “My Own Private Idaho” excruciatingly dull, but it was still an experimental, avant-garde by Gus Van Sant, an important American filmmaker. Similarly, The Matrix, at least before white supremacists “appropriated” the term “red pilled,” was also revolutionary. It introduced the idea of Plato’s Cave to the mainstream.

But now he’s doing shitty, formulaic action movies like John Wick. The American film industry doesn’t have any real progression for either gender. Even “good men” who date age appropriate women are still playing “action heroes” in their 50s.

p.s. If you enjoyed John Wick please tell me how wrong I am.

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